Quick Click Automatic Corkscrew

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A corkscrew

  • The patented
    Foilkut® safely and quickly
    cuts and removes any foil
    capsule in just 1/4 turn
  • Just push the button!
    The switch releases both
    the screw and the lever in
    one automatic motion
  • The patented tapered and
    grooved LongCork® screw
    twists easily into the cork
  • The patented x.tend®
    lever slides to create a vertical
    path for any size wine
    bottle, making cork extraction

to bark

The world's first automatic corkscrew has
four patents but the only name you need to
remember is QuickClick®. This Dalmation
corkscrew, one of dozens in our designer ser-
ies, could be the first in your collection. Pick
your puppy out on our website or call.

(631) 668-5995


This hand assembled corkscrew is made of the finest forged steel and high-tech polymer plastic by the same artisans and craftsmen who design fine Italian cutlery.

At the press a button and you will hear the satisfying snap and feel the solid lock-up of a precision instrument as the screw and lever fly into position. This corkscrew is designed for single handed operation so that you or your sommelier will never have to set the bottle down to open and close the blade, screw or lever.

Whether you choose these fine corkscrews for yourself or as a promotional vehicle for your company imprinted with your logo or personal message, opening a bottle of wine will never be the same. Email us. info@QuickClickUSA.com